Thanks to the CIBF during the exhibition to visit our booth old friends and new friends! Birds soar with the Luan Feng Yuan, people with products from high virtue, thank you as in the past advice and help, thank you!

      HYLN company as China`s domestic technical professional battery pole piece rolling mill production enterprises.
      HYLN stick"Away from the imitation, and take the road of independent innovation of development concept". Abide by"Concentrate, so professional fine and infiltrate into each link of the guidelines for action", Do a"pole piece rolling technology service brand" of Chinese national enterprises.
      Years of time, I am very pleased to see the HYLN team in this field has a wide range of effects, and has formed a distinctive technical service system. Especially in the battery pole piece lateral compaction density and vertical compaction density consistency research results, for the high quality power supply batteries monomer consistency made contribution.
      With HYLN of steady development, I will continue to promote the products of HYLN company continuously from the supplies to the service quality of successful transformation. Grateful to have been concerned about or will begin to pay close attention to HYLN domestic and foreign friends, hope that through this book to browse, can bring the help to you or happy!

Our vision:

Financing to culture
In the background of all Chinese Renaissance
Contribution to the development of the cause of human clean energy
At the same time are struggling to make each sea lithium artist lift happiness margin


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