Thanks to the CIBF during the exhibition to visit our booth old friends and new friends! Birds soar with the Luan Feng Yuan, people with products from high virtue, thank you as in the past advice and help, thank you!

Business philosophy: no one or two, Sansheng things, in the development of innovation,innovation in development

Enterprise purpose: to do the personnel, Societe Generale ask

Enterprise management thought:

Hyln facts to audit their beliefs, learn to the customer, to peer learning, to learn advanced all,with a magnanimous heart, the correct evaluation of their own! Look at other pertinent!Sincerely with customers! Don't you, don't talk nonsense, not exaggerated, not to belittle others,stand on solid ground to do every step, in order to complete the team the third five year plan.

Enterprise customer view:

Time will eventually filter out packaging and hustle and bustle all, only truth and to simpleconstant, so the only thing we can do is only practical work, sincere face.

Enterprise employees view:

Only take care of employees, employees can take good care of customers, customers can take good care of the profit of enterprise, enterprise profits can take good care of enterprise development. Talent is the opponent can never copy of the resource, the team for each employee and collective pride, for every employee and flies.

Enterprise culture core:

Generous and non corner, tolerance and meticulous, keep on carving,

Our vision:

Financing in Chinese culture

Are in the background of the Renaissance

The development of clean energy business contribution to human

At the same time, strive to make every Hai Yu Li able person happy life

Our mission:

Let the electric core current density uniformity can be better in the rolling procedure guarantee


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